SALE!!! Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter Drone for Adults and Hobbyilists


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  • NEW BRUSHLESS MOTORS ?C Insist on brushless metal motors! Here??s why: they don??t overheat and melt like plastic, so you get longer flights (15-20 minutes). They don??t fray and spark like brush motors, so they??re far safer.
  • 15 ?C 20 MINUTE FLIGHTS ?C Thanks to highly efficient brushless motors, Blue Bugs 3 lasts for 15 minutes at the mid-to-high throttle and up to 20 minutes with conservative use. Bugs flies stable and smooth for beginners.
  • CONTROL FROM 300 ?C 500 METERS AWAY ?C Even when your Blue Bugs 3 is a tiny speck in the distance, you retain 100% control. Capture incredible shots of breathtaking vistas. Fly to 1,000 feet and beyond in seconds.
  • FLY AGAINST HIGH SPEED WIND:Bugs 3 is made of durable Nylon fiber material, It will be powerful enough to enable you to fly a drone whenever you want it,even against high speed wind.
  • 3D ROLLS & FLIP:This drone will amaze you by performing a cool 3D flip at the press of button.Have fun with your Blue bugs 3,we provide 30 days money back grantee and life time technical support.



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Looking for a drone that does it all? Better…longer lasting…faster flying…and recording in gorgeous HD. You can’t go wrong with the DROCON Blue Bugs 3.

Bugs 3 is equipped with?brushless motors. These motors make it powerful enough so that it can fly?in windy conditions?for around an 18-20-minute?flight time.?The?4K camera mount?lets you install your own GoPro/Xiami/Xiaoyi action camera,?whilst?the LED lights?make it perfect for night flights.?3D flips & rolls and 2 speed modes?make it both fun for experts and beginners.

Losing your drone is a thing of the past.?The Bugs 3 has a low and high speed which makes controlling the drone easier and allows beginners to start off on the low speed mode while they improve their skills.

All these functions make it a perfect choice for your first sport drone.?Experts can push their talents to the limit…with full throttle flips, dives and other jaw dropping maneuvers…leaving spectators stunned. (Bugs 3 can even be customized by expert fliers).





Upgraded Brushless Motors

With powerful, ultra efficient motors , Bugs 3 can launch towards the stratosphere at a breakneck pace or calmly hover at a stable height for the perfect shot.

Longer Flight Time

The Bugs 3 utilizes a 1800mah Li-Po battery, which even at mid-to-high throttle use will give you a flight time of 15 minutes. With conservative use, you??ll get up to 20 minutes use. In addition, it features stable & smooth flight characteristics making it great for beginners and experts alike.

Further and Faster

Due to the powerful brushless motors, 6-Axis Gyro Tech and Repeatedly tested wheelbase distance, the Faster flight is just a piece of cake. It has a high speed and low speed, you can swift it as you want.




4K Camera Mount

The camera mount allows you to assemble your own GoPro or other action cameras, enabling you to capture HD aerial images & video for lasting memories. (Camera not included).? Add $20 GET ONE

LED Night Lights

LED lights make it perfect for a night flight along the beach offering a totally new experience. Or simply take it out when you walk with friends or go out with the family for after-dinner fun.

3D Flip Supported

To activate the drone, press the function button and push the control stick to any side and the drone will flip accordingly.



? Size: 16.1 x 16.1 x 5.9 inches

? Battery: 1800mah Li-Po battery

? Controller battery: 4×1.5V AA batteries (Not included)

? Charging time: Approx. 400 mins

? Flying time: 18-20 minutes

? Operating range: About 300 meters

Package 1 includes??$59.99??:

  • 1 x Drocon Bugs 3 drone +RC
  • 1 x Camera holder
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x 1800mah battery
  • 4 x blades & blade protectors.

Package 2 includes($79.99):

  • 1 x Drocon Bugs 3 drone +RC
  • 1 x Camera holder
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x 1800mah battery
  • 4 x blades & blade protectors.
  • 1x TEC.BEAN 4K Action Camera
  • 1x Waterproof Case
  • 1x Waterproof Case Clip
  • 1x Waterproof Case Bracket
  • 1x Multi-Function Clip
  • 1x Bicycle Mount
  • 1x Camera Clip
  • 1x Helmet Mount 4x Bandages
  • 1x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x 3M Stickers
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 2x Rechargeable Batteries
  • Drocon is a popular brand of drones that makes models specifically designed for drone fans and hobbyists, from kids and beginners to experts.

    If you are not certain which model is the most suitable for you, just write to us at

    We offer 1#-rated after-sales customer support which includes:

    1. If you are not happy with your bugs 3, return and a full refund is available within 30 days.

    2. Lifetime technical support.

    3. We will reply within 24 hours on LIVECHAT.

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26 reviews for SALE!!! Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter Drone for Adults and Hobbyilists

  1. Stephen

    Another Bugs?
    This is my 3rd Bugs 3…Love it!

  2. Joseph Rivera

    starsAwesome drone! Drocon great company, great costumer service!
    Awesome drone, great product for the price cant beat it. Would highly recommend great company some of the best costomer service I have ever recieved very pleased.

  3. Evan

    Really great drone for the price range. Surprised I haven’t seen this on more “Best of” lists.
    The package I received had a fully charged battery with it, so I was able to start flying the day it came. This is something you rarely–almost never see from other retailers. Really impressed with that alone. Also, I have yet to find another drone with quality similar to the Bugs3 with DROCON for around the same price. Action camera attachment included, 300-500 meter distance, 1800 mAh battery lasting 15-20 min. flight times–can’t find that anywhere else for the same price!

    Only had the drone for a couple days, will update review if I experience any problems. Although, with the apparent build quality, I’d be surprised if I do.

  4. Amazon Customer

    We had a malfunction on the drone and it was replaced within a few minutes of us emailing the company of the issues. Five stars for DROCON.

  5. Madeline

    Greatest drone for $80
    I was truly astounded by phenomenal customer service that was provided to me regarding my drone. The drone arrived quickly and flies like a dream! I was impressed by the quality and durability of the drone as well. I would definitely consider buying one of these drones again.

  6. CHRIS

    Big learning curve.

  7. Bryson Casey

    Great for beginners
    It’s great for beginners by building their confidence and skills.

  8. ARS

    Great Fun and even better customer service!
    I recently purchased the Bugs 3 and have had nothing but fun with it. It is very easy to learn and once you get the hang of it, it becomes cathartic. Due to my inexperience with flying I developed some “mechanical issues” and required assistance. Drocon was in continuous contact with me and requested I provide them with photos and information to assist in repair or replacement. Without getting into the weeds, they were a tremendous help and I’ll be back up in a few days. I am very impressed with their Customer Service. In a day and age where service has become less than standard, Drocon has definitely surpassed my expectations … others should take note. Thanks!

  9. FL Reader

    Great drone!
    This is a drone that you must altitude hold,etc. But it responds beautifully. Not for complete beginners. Suggest those start with a Syma X5C.

  10. Chris geyer

    Not for beginners!
    Bugs 3drone are the best!

  11. Ryan Chase

    Super fun!
    Super fun to fly. Handles very well. I like the big LEDs for night time flying.

  12. QuickTime LightShine

    Like the color
    Flies great and very responsive. Very bad wind today but the drone cuts through it with ease.

  13. KevMo

    Good drone for begginers if flying LOS (line of sight)
    Awesome customer service and great drone to introduce to the hobbie. LOS only unless you purchase the fpv camera (which is fairly priced).

  14. GRAZI177

    This ain’t a toy !!!! Very powerful !
    I did not expect something this powerful and this fast.
    Range is between 200 and 300 meters ( 550 and 800 feet ). I own a couple more expensive drones with
    GPS feature . Bugs 3 is by far my favorite. In would not recommend this for under 14 nor beginners unless there is an adult supervising.
    This is not a toy !!
    The motors are powerful and if the propeller hits someone in the face , it will cause damages !

    IMO , one of the best drones on the market.

  15. Mr. William D. Gilbert

    Awesome fast . Great price and wonderful customer support.

  16. Carol Davis

    Awesome fast . Great price and wonIt is very easy to assemble
    derful customer support.

  17. Michael

    I received the package two days early! I have an MJX Bugs 3 and a Force 1 F100. (Versions of the same drone). This DROCON Bugs 3 flies so smoothly, is super fast, and has fantastic lights. This is not a beginner drone. It is very fast and agile. The Bugs 3 is one of the best drones you can buy and DROCON offers a 12 month warranty as well.

  18. Duante

    It is very powerful, it can even lift my phone so that I can capture great 4k video clips to remember. I would have hoped to see a switch.

  19. Ryan

    Absolutely the best quadcopter available for the price. Great for anyone who wants a performance drone without spending a lot of money.

  20. Timothy M Gray

    Very easy to fly. Great for learning

  21. Tom Buerkle

    Awesome inexpensive drone
    Its good

  22. Galveston Co. R/C Enthusiast

    A must have Brushless Quadcopter. outstanding performance.
    Hobby grade drone for intermediate outdoor flyers. this must be registered thru the FAA! 50mph downwind, good for windy days, 2 speed settings, good range, 7.4v lipo 1800mah gives 10-13 min flight time flying sporty. not for beginners. powerful and will disappear fast if you dont keep it under control. this aircraft does NOT have altitude hold or gps. just manual throttle amd skill to take off and land when lights blink and the controller will beep when the battery is low. safely land ASAP! be mindful not be too far downwind when the battery is low.. it wont want to fight the wind and may drift away like a kite.

  23. Dawson

    Best drone for the money
    The drone is probably one of the best you can get for the money. The motors are fantastic and do well in the wind. The drone can get up to really high speeds as well. Paired with a good action camera you will have great pictures as well as flying time.

  24. MGomez

    Nice product and easy assembly.

  25. Drone Syndrome

    I purchased this drone two months after I saw a few great reviews about it online. I have to say that I am very, VERY pleased with this quad. It has performed as expected and more! I love the fact that it has a removable hood (top) that makes it so easy to access the inner components incase one needs to replace a part or swap out the LED light for the optional WIFI, FPV or Panoramic cameras. I think that is very cool and not all quads are easy to open up when you have to get inside them. You usually have to remove several screws and it becomes a headache. But Drocon definitely made it easy for us users to do so at anytime. Also, the brushless motors are super powerful and makes the BB3 fly in the air like a champ. The body and frame is made from a very strong and durable material of a higher quality and the free camera gimbal attachment that it come with compliments the package. All for an affordable price.

    The remote control is nice too. Though the joysticks are not spring loaded, they still are the best for those entering the hobby for the first time who really want to learn how to fly like a pro. I really do like this drone a lot. It’s really fun to fly. Just some word of advice to those who have never flown a drone like this one… Practice, practice, practice. This is the ideal quad to practice with. By the time you master the Blue Bugs 3, the others that come later on will feel like toys for toddlers (unless they are high end professional drones.)

  26. jaysonnsophie

    This is actually my first drone and was fairly easy to learn how to use, very user friendly. Now that im getting good at flying it i can see just how fast and far this drone can fly. Love it, i highly reccomend!!

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