DROCON Bugs 6 Brushless Racing Drone

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  • BRUSHLESS MOTORS DRONE: Same as BLUE BUGS 3, DROCON BUGS 6 also adopts 1806 1800KV brushless motors, which made it much more powerful and speedier than the normal hobby-grade drones.
  • LONG FLYING TIME & CONTROL DISTANCE: With the 7.4V 1300mAh 25C Lipo-battery support, DROCON BUGS 6 Can work up to 10 ~ 12 minutes per flight. And due to the more responsive 2.4G frequency technology, customers can operate without issues at much longer ranges of typically 200 to 300 meters.
  • TWO-DIRECTION 2.4GHZ (WEEK SIGNAL AND LOW VOLTAGE ALERT): The remote controller adopts two-day 2.4GHZ radio control technology. It features 2 great functions of weak signal alert and low voltage alert. Pilot can judge the flying drone’s power and signal status by the indicator light and the alarm sound sent from the remote control, which allows pilot to solve any potential problem in time and make sure that the racing drone is always under control.
  • 4 IN 1 ESC (STUCK AND HIGH TEMPERATURE PROTECTION): The ESC with built-in automatic lock protection and high temperature lock protection. It ends up pilot’s worry about motor and ESC burn out due to dead lock.
  • UPGRADABLE TO FPV DRONE with C5830 FPV CAMERA: Customers can purchase the C5830 FPV CAMERA and the receive screen to upgrade BUGS 6 into a FPV Drone. Can Realize 5.8G 500mw high power image transmission; allows 300-500 meters smooth image transmission; top speed 80km/h . Receive Screen Size: 4.3 Inch. Search ASIN: on Amazon to purchase C5830 CAMERA individually.


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Diagonal Wheelbase: 250mm
Flight Controller: GR303B
Frame Material: Pure nylon fiber material
Gross Weight: About 370g
Flying Time: about 10 ~ 12 minutes hovering
Flying Distance: about 200 ~ 300 meters
Top Speed: 80km/h
Upgrade FPV Camera (ASIN: ) 
Camera Model: C5830 FPV Camera
FPV TX: 5.8G 500mw
Antenna: 5.8G Antenna
Other Good Features:
3D Flips & Roll:
Press the 360 degree rotation button on the transmitter, and push the forward/backward, left/right joystick to the end at the same time, then you can control the drone to rotate in 4 directions.
Bright LED Search Lights:
Make Flight More Interesting and Attractive At Night.
The package include a set of blade guards for beginners, please assemble them at the beginning, so as to avoid any damages or dangers.
Note:According to our experience, almost 90% issue were caused by improper operation. So, before you decide to return a drone, make sure to read the manual and FAQ carefully. If still could not solve the problem, please contact our customer service. Our professional technician will help you solve all the issues.


Question: Does this come with bugs 3 or bugs 6 motors?
Answer: For Drocon Bugs 6 Drone: “BRUSHLESS MOTORS DRONE: Same as BLUE BUGS 3, DROCON BUGS 6 also adopts 1806 1800KV brushless motors, which made it much more powerful and speedier than the normal hobby-grade drones. ”


Question: Between the the Bugs 6 and the Bugs 3.. which one is best?
Answer: In short, if your interests down the road might be racing drones (FPV or LOS) the bugs 6, if more of a camera host then the bugs 3. Its comparing cats and dogs. Have both, had pretty respectable quads prior to the Bugs 6 (3dr solo, Traxxas Aton which is a GPS Acro Beast at 56 mph) After the bugs 6, knew my interest lied in racing quads and DIY builds. Sorry for long answer, HTH’s SG in Phx, AZ


Question: Just got a bugs 6 drones. i find i must continuously fight to keep it at any altitude, to the point where it’s not fun to fly. is this normal?
Answer: It’s an intermediate level racing drone. You don’t fly these types of drones to sit in one spot and stare at it. You control it! Try trimming it up with the trimming functions. Either that or don’t fly in winds of more than 10 mph. This drone is super fun. I have 3. 1 stock and 2 FPV BUGS 6’s. The best drone of its type and price. I am sure I will get more of these too


Question: What is the top speed?
Answer: 50 mph without the camera and prop guards.


Question: Just got this drone. Plugged in the battery charger and have solid red and flashing green lights. No information on what this means?
Answer: It’s charging




Customer Review: Bravo – Bugs 6 !!!

Customer Review: Perfection!!!! for a 1st FPV Racer-type!



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