DROCON X708W FPV Drone with Camera


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  • HIGH-QUALITY DRONE GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: Equipped with REAL-TIME WI-FI transmission and HD camera. Wonderful choice for starting their journey with drone flying. It’s made of premium materials and comes at a fantastic value.
  • ONE-KEY RETURN FOR EASY CONTROL: Never lose your drone! When the drone is flying in headless mode, press one key return button, the drone will fly towards to player. Press the one key return button again or operate the forward/backward control stick, the drone will exit the one key return function.
  • REAL-TIME WI-FI TRANSMISSION WITH HD Camera: Take things to new highs and enjoy a live video feed in high-definition straight to your mobile device with the all new FPV Wi-Fi feature.
  • NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT NO IMAGES: WIFI connected, APP Opened, but no images solution:When installed the APP, or first open it, there should be a question asking whether allow the APP to get access to the phone camera, please select Allow, then connect WIFI and open the DROCON APP to watch the real-time video.
  • TWIN-SPEED MODES: Whether you’re already skilled or a first time flier, there is a speed that will suit you. Plus, the unique streamlined-shaped body structure improves aerodynamics, thus reducing air resistance and makes landing operation more stable.


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3D VR Mode

Click the function icon in the App, wear on your own VR headset to experience 3D View during the flight.

Drocon Cyclone HD Camera Wifi FPV Drone

Wifi FPV Version X708W

1. Built-in HD Camera, enter into settings of smartphone, open WIFI, then search the WIFI signal ‘MJX ***’ to connect it, after successful connection, exit settings. Then download the App ‘Drocon’ onto your smartphone and open it ,then click the logo ‘Monitor’ to enter into the control interface to start with your bird view career.

2. Easy Operation Mode: The drone provides headless mode and one key return function, that makes operation much easier for beginners.

3. Training Drone with H/L Speed Levels: With the setting button on the controller, the drone can fly at 2 speed level, practice from slow to quick to step into experienced.

  • Built-in HD Camera
  • Headless Mode
  • Return Home Function
  • 360 Degree Flip
  • Bright LED Lights
  • 5~9 Flying Time

Quality Flying Experience

Headless Mode

No need to tell the front of the drone under headless mode.

One Key Return Home

The return home function only works under Headless Mode. Under headless mode, with just one click on the function button, the drone will return to you automatically.

360 Degree Flip

Press the function button and push the direction stick to any side, the drone active a flip accordingly.

Package Content

What ‘s content in the package?

1×Cyclone X708W Quadcopter.


1×Phone Supporter.

1×USB Charger.

1×Lipo Battery.

4×Propeller Protector (4pcs/1 set).

4×Spare Propellers (4pcs/1 set).

1×Screw Driver.

1x Product Manual Warranty: 1 year.

Please Contact us via Amazon Message if any problem, our professional service team will respond to you with the best solution.

Cautions :
1. Don’t use or charge a battery if it shows signs of swelling, pierced, or damaged in any way.
2. Don’t charge the battery directly after use, let it cool down to avoid overheating.
3. Don’t charge the battery with current input above 1A. Never overcharge.
1.Flying errors may happen after flights, a CALIBRATION and some TRIM WORK will fix the problem.
2.Motors may heat up if being misused. Take a 10 min break between flights to cool them down.
3.Drone weight is less than 0.5lb, FAA registration is not required.TRAINING:Before Flight:1. Ensure batteries are fully charged, no defects on propellers; Connect the battery to the drone, the LED lights flash quickly then slow down within seconds.2. Make sure the drone is put on a flat surface.3. Paring: Turn on the controller, the indicator flashes slowly. Push the left stick up and down, the indicator and LED lights turn to still simultaneously, then paring is succeeded.4. Calibration: Push both control sticks to the right bottom and hold them on, the LED lights flash and stop within seconds, calibration is done.Operation Practice:1.Switch the speed mode to low speed at the very beginning.2.Get use to the throttle stick slowly until you can understand how it works.3.Get use to the trim buttons until you can adjust the drone to be close to hovering.4.If you can’t tell the front of the drone, try to play under headless mode at first.5.Try one key return : Remember it only works under headless mode, and needs to set the drone’s head in front before entering into headless mode.

6.Try 3D Flip: Press the function button and push the right stick to any direction. Make sure the height is enough to perform a flip.

2 reviews for DROCON X708W FPV Drone with Camera

  1. Kevin

    In about 10 minutes you’ll be ready to fly easy to fly home button to return to you and very stable what a couple of trim clicks

  2. Dennis

    It’s awesome! It was like xmas morning when i fired this bad boy up. It was easy to use and i am stoked. Thanks!

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